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At Allergy Relief Clinic, we provide our patients with private allergy treatments specifically those suffering with severe seasonal hay fever allergies.

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Kenalog injection for hayfever

Why Choose the Allergy Relief Clinic for The Kenalog Jab?

Whilst the Kenalog injection is accessible via many different channels, here at Allergy Relief Clinic, our organisation is solely dedicated to the treatment of allergies, those specifically being hay fever. Hay fever treatment is our specialty and primary focus whereby, we have successfully treated thousands of patients.

We pride ourselves on our strong sense of identity, where we have created a solution to meet a very copious demand, meaning we are able to provide a very efficient service to all our patients in need.

The team at Allergy Relief Clinic is made up of friendly, patient and professional staff; with exceptional levels of knowledge on hay fever, treatment and otherwise. Between us, we have amassed over 20 years of medical experience collectively.

Allergy Relief Clinic currently practices from 3 different clinic locations, these being Romford and Tilbury in Essex and Canary Wharf, London. We endeavour to be as accommodating as possible, offering our patients as much flexibility as we can. At ARC we extend our services to appointments on weekends as well as weekdays, as well as an evening clinic on most weekdays also.

Kenalog injection private clinic

When is the best time to get the jab?

As pollen peaks continue to present themselves throughout the year— predominantly during the months of March to September, we would advise getting the hay fever jab as soon as your symptoms begin. Tree pollen is prominent from February, all the way up until July, whilst grass and weed pollen have a slightly shorter lifespan, later in the year, with the highest peaks occurring between May and August. Hay fever affects people at different times depending on which pollen they are allergic to.

Whilst the hay fever relief jab is effective throughout the year, getting the injection ahead of time is beneficial for suppressing the inflammatory cell response before they are provoked. It is important to keep track of the pollen forecast in order to learn and understand your triggers, in order to get ahead of the curve.

Kenalog injection hayfever Essex

Who is the Kenalog injection for?

The Kenalog hay fever injection is intended for those who suffer with severe allergy symptoms. We recommend the injection to those who are yet to find relief in prescribed or over the counter oral or topical medicines.

As Kenalog is an injectable steroid, the minimum age for treatment is 18 years of age.

We also do not recommend the injection for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

For those below the age of 18 or those who suffer with any underlying medical conditions, it is advisable to discuss alternative hay fever relief options with your GP.


Prior to treatment, all patients will undergo an extensive consultation with one of our clinicians.

Is This Treatment Right For You?

Here the process, expectations, side effects and the like, are discussed. Here, any questions our patients may have can be addressed in detail, as well as the ideal dosage be agreed upon and prescribed.


The injection then, takes no more than a few seconds and is also virtually painless. The substance itself also does not irritate the tissue, so no painful bruising or down-time needed!

The Kenalog injection is administered into the buttock (gluteal) muscle. This process is known as an Intramuscular injection.


Why should I have the kenalog injection for hayfever?

Kenalog injections are recommended for anyone who suffers from hayfever symptoms, such as a runny nose, red/watery eyes, sneezing, etc. Many sufferers do not respond to conventional hay fever treatment, so the injection for many is a saving grace.

Who shouldn’t have a hay fever injection?

Hay fever injections are not recommended for:

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Those suffering from a suppressed immune system
  • Those currently suffering from an infection
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Children under 18 years

What locations can i vist?

We are based at multiple sites in and around London and Essex, including Canary Wharf London, Romford & Tilbury.

How Do I Book An Injection At The Kenalog Clinic?

To book here at the Allergy Relief Clinic, please fill out the booking form so that we can fit you in at your preferred date, time and location.

Hay Fever Injections and COVID-19: All you need to know

Sharing many of the same common symptoms; runny or blocked nose, sneezing or coughing, reduced sense of smell, headaches and tiredness, COVID-19 and hay fever can often be mistaken for one another.

It is especially important to note that hay fever does not cause a high temperature, so this is a useful gauge for deciphering your symptoms.

If you regularly suffer with hay fever, you will be fairly familiar with the symptoms, though these can vary from season to season. If you notice a change, it is always advisable to seek advice.

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