Private Allergy Treatment For Severe Hay Fever

See below for treatment options and medical and non-medical advice

We have treatment options available including nasal sprays, eye drops and antihistamines. Our team can provide consultation plans to make sure you receive the correct treatment for you with treatment plans starting at £70.

What is Hay fever? 

Hay fever is when your body reacts to pollen and produces an inflammatory response. This response causes symptoms including a runny nose, itchy or sore eyes, and sneezing. The seasonal peak of hay fever induced symptoms occurs during the spring and summer months.

Individuals suffer hay fever at different levels of severity and points on the calendar depending on the varied types of pollen they are allergic to:

  • Tree Pollen: Late March to mid-May
  • Grass Pollen: Mid-May to July
  • Weed Pollen: End of June to September

During our consultation, we will go through all medical and non medical options to find the solution that works for you.


Medical treatments include:

  • Nasal drops
  • Eye drops
  • Antihistamine tablets


Non-medical treatments include:

  • Staying indoors avoiding pollen with windows and doors shut
  • Protecting your eyes and nose by wearing sunglasses and a mask
  • Avoiding areas where pollen may be high, such as areas with grass and trees


Treatment plans cost between £70 and £90. There is no additional charge for consultation, which is included within the treatment plan.

Our consultation will help us determine which type of treatment would be a good solution for you.