Private London Clinic For Hayfever Treatment

At Allergy Relief Clinic, we provide our patients with private allergy treatments specifically those suffering with severe seasonal hay fever allergies.

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Why Choose Our Private Allergy Relief Clinic In London?

Our Canary Wharf clinic location is perfect for those working in the city but also, the great transport links make accessing the clinic very easy from all across London.

After hearing our patients demands for a London clinic, we decided this would be the perfect hotspot, as it is so easily accessible.

With just a short 11 minute walking journey from Canary Wharf station, only 6 minutes via the DLR from Westferry and the D8 bus taking you just a 5 minute walk away, the clinic is easily reachable via public transport.

Hayfever Treatment In London

Canary Wharf Clinic Location

Our London allergy clinic is located on the Isle of Dogs in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, you will find London’s central business district; Canary Wharf. A bustling hub surrounded by stunning modern architecture, world class shopping outlets and attractions, grand public spaces and spectacular bars, alongside hundreds of eateries. Canary Wharf is also home to the Museum of London and the world famous Billingsgate Market.

Just east of the centre of London in Zone 2, Canary Wharf overlooks the River Thames and many of the city’s popular landmarks but is best known for being an international hub for business; boasting luxurious residential complexes and being the base of many major financial business giants.

With thousands of people commuting to and from the area every day, Canary Wharf’s transport links are second to none.

Private hay fever Treatment London

We have treatment plans and options available to those suffering severely from hayfever.

It’s best to consult based on your symptoms so we can best advise you on the solutions available to you.


Before we decide on a treatment plan, one of our experienced clinicians will conduct a complementary face to face consultation with you.

Is this treatment right for you?

Within the consultation we will discuss your symptoms and the treatment plans available, and then we can decide which solution would suit you.

After The Treatment

There may be a potential follow up appointment after the treatment, but this depends on the levels of the severity of your symptoms.


How Do I Book Treatment At The Clinic In London?

To book here at the Allergy Relief Clinic In Canary Wharf, please fill out the booking form so that we can fit you in at your preferred date and time.

How Much Do The Hayfever Treatment Plans Cost?

Hayfever treatment plans cost between £50 and £90.