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At Allergy Relief Clinic, we provide our patients with private allergy treatments specifically those suffering with severe seasonal hay fever allergies.

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Hay fever treatment Hornchurch

Hornchurch is a large town in East London and part of the London Borough of Havering.

Originally, Hornchurch was a large ancient parish in the county of Essex and has formed part of Greater London since 1965.

With its prime location, Hornchurch has ample, useful transport links. It is located 15.2 miles north-east of central London’s Charing Cross.

The town is served by the Hornchurch tube station. Trains calling at the station are formed of the District line between Elm Park in the West and Upminster Bridge in the East.

Our allergy clinic in Hornchurch is in a prime location and can be reached easily by road via the A124 or A127.

Hayfever Treatment Hornchurch

Despite the warmer weather, many people dread the arrival of the spring and summer months. Hay fever season can lead to ongoing symptoms such as a runny nose, sore eyes and sneezing. Combined with a ‘foggy’ head, these symptoms can cause significant obstructions to everyday life. With the season now well underway in the UK, many people are suffering and looking for solutions as the pollen levels rise.

As a form of relief from severe hay fever symptoms, we can offer you treatment options.

Treatment for hayfever is recommended for those suffering with severe symptoms, and during our consultation with you, we will decide on a solution that suits you.


Before a treatment plan is decided, we will sit down and discuss the treatment options with you to see what solution is suitable for you.

During The Consultation

During the consultation, our clinicians will assess your symptoms and talk you through treatment plans, which may include tablets and nasal sprays.

Possible Follow Up

After the treatment is complete, there may be a possible follow up needed depending on the level of severity of your symptoms.


Do I have to have a consultation before hand?

Before any treatment plan is recommended, all patients will have a consultation with one of our clinicians.

During the consultation, our clinicians will assess your symptoms and offer medical and non medical solutions, including antihistamine tablets and nasal sprays.

Who do we treat?

We treat those who are having bad reactions as a result of hayfever.

How Much are hayfever treatment plans in Hornchurch?

Hayfever treatment plans costs between £50 and £90. There is no additional charge for consultation, which is included in the treatment package.